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About Us

VS Info Tech Pte Ltd provides complete up to date solutions for all your security concerns. We are in Singapore, and we’ve been serving our customers since 2005. VS Info Tech has made solutions more secure.

VS Info Tech has expertise in residential, commercial and industrial security. We are experts in providing custom solutions which are made to fit your needs through on-site consultation, system design and installation of the latest technology.

VS Info Tech is the one of the leading company specializes in electronic security systems, the best CCTV installers Singapore and alarm system installers. Our services are cost effective and we provide the best CCTV solution for Commercial CCTV Installation and Home CCTV installation. We have been working for past 13 years and have a sound record of satisfied clients. Our company has experience in all types of CCTV maintenance and installations and alarm installation, ranging from domestic, commercial to major construction sites. We offer comprehensive security solutions including CCTV Installation access control system, setting up professional HD CCTV cameras installation and wireless security cameras and completely confidential to ensure our customers receive a system tailor made to their requirements.


IT Security Solutions

Our market focus is the design, installation & post installation support and servicing of large scale networked based integrated security solutions. We take great pride in returning value to our customers by providing the highest quality system design, integration, installation, training, customer service and post installation support.

Server Maintenance and Service

Our team of field based server support specialists is skillfully prepared to provide 24 / 7 onsite hardware support. When a fault can’t be fixed remotely and the incident demands a site visit, a member of our service team using the backing from our extensive spares and logistics facilities will handle nearly any incident quickly and efficiently with minimal interference.

  • Cisco
  • Dell
  • Fujitsu
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Lenovo
Door access System

While we provide simple stand alone low price access control system devices, We Also provide complex access control systems integrated with CCTV systems, We have successfully integrated and installed state of the art biometric security devices like iris scanners fingerprint and hand readers. Unlike keys, cards, passwords or pin codes, biometric security readers provide nontransferable access control that cannot be deceived or fooled – individual must be physically present in front of the recognition device to gain access.

  • Standalone or network linked.
  • Standalone or centralized manage
  • Multi-level of access control in one system
  • Multi type of verification method.
  • Easy monitoring, manage & report view and print.
Security camera System

Our home or business is a burglary or an act of vandalism. Therefore, it is important to protect your property with the latest security systems and technology. Proper design and installation of security cameras and video surveillance system can add an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Security camera systems consist of security cameras, digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR), and monitoring software. Vertex Security offers a large variety of high-quality equipment to bring you cutting-edge solutions.

Network cabling and Wiring

Our cabling experts provide structured cabling solutions for all types of industries; warehouse, retail, professional offices, healthcare, educational institutions and industrial. We pride ourselves in installing the highest quality cabling and network infrastructure solutions.

  • Data Network Wiring & Cabling
  • Cat 5e, Cat 6, Optical Fiber Installation
  • Wire Management

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